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  • M O C A N V A S

    Mocanvas is an online builder that
    anyone can easily create a Onlinestore webdesign with H T M L.

    Mocanvas Editor v.0.1

    Mocanvas is currently under development.
    It is in series A stage, and we are looking for a good company to work with.

    • Anyone easy
      and fast
      Mocanvas is a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, "What You See Is What You Get")
      Supports method of production tools. You will find a very familiar design icon.

      Your design will be registered on your website or open market as you are creating it.
      In fact, it will be more convenient for those who are not familiar with design or those who are not familiar with html.

      It is very easy to work while modifying from time to time because you can check the mobile environment through preview.
      If the designer uses it, it will have wings. You will see amazing growth in speed and quality.

      * In the case of fonts, the stylesheet used as the cdn is open source by google, so almost everything works on any website.

    • One page
      even mobile
      It is not true to say that the Mocanvas team has the most concerns.
      We thought about a responsive template that doesn't affect your site or open market.

      In conclusion, we succeeded in developing a nice structured code that can respond neatly,
      It is designed to be compatible with open sources such as Google fonts, emoji and svg.

      You can check it cool on PC, and it supports tablet and mobile.
      Some older browsers are not supported.

    • Beautiful templates added over and over again
      The Mocanvas team creates new designs every day.
      Not just design, but web-friendly coding.

      Designing is always fun, and I feel satisfied with the use.
      If you love Mo canvas more, we will reward you with even more stylish designs.

      I will show my beautiful imagination.

    • Produced by experts
      Sophisticated and clean quality
      The Mocanvas team consists of front-end developers who have completed art major.
      20 years of experience and shopping mall operation experience will surely help you a lot.

      We have numerous design experiences such as image placement, product list design, size chart, etc.
      It is a skill that is recognized enough to record the number 1 in design sales for a long time on platforms like Cafe 24.

      The career and passion of this design were melted into the mo canvas template.

    • Reasonable
      service price
      Mocanvas is a service that allows you to use all services with a monthly payment.
      Compared to the cost of hiring a designer or commissioning a contractor, it is worth tens or hundreds of times.

      In addition, you can get away from the designer's personal style and get closer to the taste of the client.
      If you introduce Mocanvas to a designer, you will find an amazing Onlinestore webdesign.

      It's also cheap.


    If you are curious about the service of Mocanvas,
    you can try the service for free. Would you like to try it yourself?