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    Mocanvas Company Introduction

    Onlinestore webdesign HTML editor
    Anyone can easily and quickly create it.

    We will make your webpage even more beautiful.
    Detailed page HTML, now make it easy, fast, simple and inexpensive to create mocanvas.

    • Easier design
      Better development environment

      Over the past 20 years, we've created tons of websites and developed countless pages. I don't even remember how many web pages I made anymore.
      During that long period of time, we have come to realize that we have received numerous web page design requests from our customers. In fact, rather than creating designs creatively, customers choose familiar and beautiful designs.
      This is how our Mocanvas project began, and an online builder project that allows anyone to create beautiful HTML pages in minutes. Design templates are created every day, and we consider a better design environment.
      Beautiful HTML pages completed with a few clicks/drags. Would you like to experience it?
      • BETTER

    • Time and cost,
      and quality

      You spend a lot of time creating one web page. Some customers only have multiple designers who create detail pages.
      There are also many customers who pay a cost of 30,000 won as little as 30,000 won and hundreds of thousands of won as a cost to produce one detail page. Of course, it does not disparage designs made out of images. It has the advantage of making the design more sophisticated.
      But we know. Since the detail page is a page that conveys information, its purpose is to convey information well. The design of the detail page is neat and tidy.
      With Mocanvas, one designer can do the work of multiple people. It's also easy and beautiful. Even all HTML code is responsive and supports mobile environments.
      Mo canvas. There is no reason not to choose.
    • Why should I make
      in HTML.

      For example, suppose you have customers who run an online shopping mall. You will have to create a lot of product detail pages. Do you all know?
      I expect that you will probably make it a big image. We made it that way too. Basically, if you create a detail page with an image, the screen will appear quite late.
      Is it all there is. On mobile, the letters look cramped, and you need to enlarge the screen to see more details. If the image is large, it is difficult to edit, and even the search engine (GOOGLE) does not take the document.
      There are countless reasons for creating detail pages in HTML. Typically, HTML has the advantage of being easy to modify, fast, and easy to modify without any knowledge.
      Most importantly, any text you write on your HTML page is worth searching. Pages must be HTML-generated for this reason alone, which exposes your services so richly.